Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beach Day

Hiya everyone!
Are we all ready for a new work week?
Well, I wanted to share how we spent our yesterday. We finally went to a beach after probably a year. It's very difficult to find really good beaches on Hilo side of the Big Island. Or at least beaches that our children would love and that we're used to like on O'ahu.

It was sunny almost all week except for the very day we went to the beach! Oh well, at least I didn't have to worry too much about my fair skin getting burn or my children's. That sure didn't stop them from jumping in.

We first stopped at our friend's house and I couldn't resist getting a pix of their ducks. So cute, now we want some! Then there was a turtle cruising on the beach. Good thing they put a sign cause I thought he was a rock! It was a lovely time spent relaxing with family and friends.
Now it's time for me to clean house cause family flying in from O'ahu. Yay my mommy and daddy are coming!!! Lol
Thanks for takin a peek! Have a great day!


Expressions & Inspirations said...

Now there's a Honu! :) Enjoy your time with your parents. It's always so nice when family come to visit. Have an awesome day, sister! ^_^

Annette said...

so beautiful...I love the one of the turtle..Hawaii is so beautiful...

RiNNE said...

I only know as a tourist but yes, the beaches between the two are so different!! Great pics!! Thanks for sharing!