Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hello Who?

Ok, ok, I know...I've been going overboard with Hello Kitty. But can you blame me? hehe!
Well, I'd like to share a few crafty items I made awhile ago. They are post it note holders, notepad holders, and desk top stationery. I think you've noticed what kind of blog this is turning into ;-P!
Oh and everyone please have a safe weekend!


Creations by Shirl said...

Wow Sweet~
These are adorable.. Who doesn't love the HK!
Great ideas for Christmas or stocking stuffer's.
Luv all your layouts on them... So pretty...

eunice said...

No matter what...I just never get tired of seeing Hello Kitty! These stationery sets you've made up are just all the little details you've added, even stamping on the note much work, but makes these really special!

Randi said...

OOOHH SO CUTE!! I made similar sets with Owls for my friend's baby shower. They're so cute and fuctional, too!

Maribel said...

OH my gosh! How cute is this?? I LOVE Hello Kitty! There is no such thing as going over board with HK:)

Annie's Creations said...

these are super adorable...omg, I can't wait to show my sister!